kismet and karma

Between Kismet and Karma

Symposium: Beyond Borders, Leeds City Museum March 2010
Panel discussant: The Body: This session will explore the points of overlap and divergence between artist, Naiza H Khan’s work and writer, Aamer Hussein’s creative interests. It will explore the notion of embodied knowledge through the context of women’s creativity i.e., embroidery, writing, and other creative craft practices and a feminine aesthetics in the context of Pakistan, South Asia and the UK. Contemporary South Asian art’s constant breaching of Western modernity’s differentiation of ‘art’ from ‘craft’ is aesthetically and politically motivated. The session will also go on to explore how and why South Asian women as cultural producers blur the boundaries between artist, artisan and activist. Another Gulmohar Tree by Aamer Hussein and the Manora project will be starting points for the discussion.
Chair: Dr. Daisy Hasan, University of Leeds
Naiza H Khan:   artist and Vasl co-ordinator, Karachi
Aamer Hussein: writer, London

Panel Discussant: Global / Local Connections:    This session looks at the role of artist collectives and their idea of exchange, international creative discourse across borders. It will explore the special role of the location of the artist within the context of international residencies. How does the artist’s movement between locations affect creative experimentation? What are the opportunities for local artists to interact with the artist in residence? How is the long term impact of international artist residencies evaluated?
Chair: Fareda Khan, Deputy Director, Shisha, the international agency for contemporary South Asian crafts and visual arts.
Catalina Lozano, Residencies Co-Ordinator, Gasworks, London;
Naiza H Khan, artist, Vasl Artists’ Collective Co-ordinator, Trustee and Founder member, Karachi;   Tayeba Begum Lipi, artist, Britto Arts Trust, trustee and founder member, Dhaka